Steven F. Zezulak Jr.


1234 N. Nowhere Dr.
United States of Murica

(123) 456-7890


I am currently seeking a full-time position that will utilize my excellent customer service and troubleshooting skills and offers greater opportunities for sustaining growth of knowledge, effectiveness, and productivity for both myself and the company.

Work experience

Regal Entertainment Group December 2012 — Present

Associate Manager, Full Time
Engaged in daily operations including payroll, facility, cash, and cost management with an emphasis on delivering exceptional guest service. Focused on improving efficiency in all areas for a smooth, enjoyable guest experience.

Belleview Children's Farm, City of Englewood, Parks and Recreation May 2010 — September 2013

Assistant Manager, Part Time
Maintained a clean, safe, friendly environment for adults and kids alike to learn about animals. Focused on providing top-notch care for the animals and managing labor and food costs.


Strong background in guest service and satisfaction, interpersonal and public communication - both written and verbal, with strong problem solving skills and adaptability to developing situations and policy changes. Proficient in time management, sales and marketing, problem solving, and technical troubleshooting.

Guest Service Commendation received in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for exceptional, above and beyond service.


Collegiate Academy of Colorado 2008 — 2011

Jefferson County Public Schools
Graduated with several achievement and accountability awards.
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